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Thursday, October 24, 2019
Cortem Group boasts a production process managed internally and consisting of a foundry department, a mechanical workshop, a carpentry department and a washing and painting department.
The tunnel washing system is used for washing and/or inter-process treatments or for washing and/or precision treatments before assembly, in particular:
  • for the degreasing of die-cast aluminum components in order to eliminate from their surface the fat and oily substances accumulated during their previous processing, thus preparing them for the painting phase;
  • for the treatment of manufactured products after the mechanical processing to increase their resistance to corrosion and to improve the adhesion of the coating.

The tunnel washing system of Cortem Group

Designed to work exclusively with water-based detergents, the washing system bases its effectiveness on chemical, thermal and mechanical action, guaranteeing effectiveness and excellent results in the washing process.
The operating principle is based on the linear movement of the materials through the different process phases, either with continuous movement or with stop positioned at the jets for localized precision treatments.
During this movement, the details are invested in every corner with the projection and spraying of solutions of high-pressure hot detergents, capable of eliminating all traces of impurities or dirt.
The powder coating system of Cortem Group is characterized by an automatic system equipped with reciprocators with the possibility of manual retouching, a cabin for the manual painting of oversize pieces and a drying oven in which the painted products pass through at a temperature of 200° C.
The powder coating system of Cortem Group
The Cortem thermosetting powder coating based on cross-linked polyester resins RAL 7035 special gray is pigmented with stainless steel powders to give it an orange peel finish that guarantees excellent surface protection against atmospheric agents and greater mechanical resistance over time.