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Monday, April 27, 2020

I should make a change to an already installed switchboard by adding new equipment inside that must interact with the production process, cable glands with relative holes and threads on one of the walls of the enclosure and two operators on the cover (button + indicator light), then drill and fillet the lid. How should I proceed for this change?

All the equipment and products placed on the market and installed have their own plate with a specific serial number, which refers to the construction project, and the reference to the certification.

Therefore, it is not possible to make any changes to a system already installed, under penalty of forfeiture of the certificate's validity and the assumption, in fact, of all the criminal liability in the event of an accident.
In order to make this change, the maintenance technician must contact the manufacturer and agree with him all the actions necessary for dismantling the system, shipping it to the manufacturer, who, after having read the required changes and having carried out the feasibility check (alignment with the regulations in force at the time of implementation, with those in force at the time of modification), analyzes the technical data, the dissipations for additional equipment according to the certificate parameters. Subsequently, the manufacturer will proceed with the modification and the issuance of a new certificate plate with reference to the existing binding regulations and the related new registration number.
However, if necessary, the manufacturer may report to the maintenance technician the presence, near the plant, of an affiliate authorized to carry out these changes on his behalf. The affiliate is an entity that fulfills all requirements required by the "Guidance on the definition of 'manufacturer' in relation to 'trade agents' and' local assemblers" - IECEx Operational Document 203, which defines the requirements necessary to be able to make changes on the equipment.