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Elfit Factory

ELFIT, operating in an area of around 40.000 m2 placed in Villesse (GO), is specialized in the production of aluminium castings thanks to a foundry equipped with three melting furnaces, an automatic degassing facility, five manual chill systems, three low pressure robotic systems and four die-casting islands with 380 up to 750 tons’ presses.

The post-casting phases are carried out internally in the finishing area: cutting, blanking, deburring, vibratory finishing and shot blasting.

ELFIT standard product is mainly addressed to heavy and Oil & Gas industries and includes: electrical fittings, cable glands, junction and pulling boxes and other explosion-protected boxes principally intended for environments at risk of explosion and fire, but also suitable for use in safe area, where it’s required a product resistant to chemical agents, vibration and extreme climatic conditions.


Foundry services 


ELFIT is recognized for the activity of processing primary and secondary alloys into customized die-castings provided in various fields:

  • Electro-mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Rail
  • Naval
  • Food
  • Lighting
  • Furniture

Thanks to the Research and Development Laboratory, ELFIT is able to perform in-house salt spray testing, climatic chamber, overpressure and watertight test, thus offering a complete service.

For further information: vendite@elfit.com


PDF icon Elfit Aluminium Die-casting Items

PDF icon Cable Glands and Electrical Fittings Catalog