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All the products comply with the provisions of the International construction standards: EN 60079-0 - EN 60079-1 - EN 60079-7 - EN 60079-11 - 60079-31 EN - EN 60079-15 - IEC 60079.0 - IEC 60079.1 - IEC 60079.7 - IEC 60079.11 - 60079.31 IEC - IEC 60079.15.

Cortem ensures and guarantees the correct manufacture of its products. In order to guarantee the safety,  it’s necessary that every customer complies to all security measures which they are responsible for, in accordance to the correct installation and maintenance rules, instruction and warnings given by manufacturer as well as national and local regulations about installation and industrial accident prevention. Please note that the maintenance operations of explosion-protected products must be carried out by qualified personnel using only original parts of the manufacturer.  In case of use of non-original spare parts, the product certificate is no longer valid and it’s possible that the ex-protection is no longer guaranteed.

All product certificates