The marking of REV, REVD series cable glands using adhesive transparent labels

During the design of the new range of REV and REVD series cable glands in different materials (nickel plated brass, galvanized steel and...

During the design of the new range of REV and REVD series cable glands in different materials (nickel plated brass, galvanized steel and stainless steel), we wanted to introduce a type of standard marking that would allow us to improve a precise identification of the product by the installer: the type of raw material used for the production, the exact measurement of the component, the type of thread as well as of course the certification data.

Our target was improving the quality of marking always keeping in mind the compliance with the applicable regulations. The technical Standard relevant to cable glands (EN 50262) provides the sticker as a possible form of marking. We have chosen it as the most appropriate solution to report clearly and easily readable all the necessary information.

Furthermore, the sticker exceed very well all the tests we have carried out in the laboratory: aging cycles, resistance to heat and cold, damp heat environment testing, testing with water jets IP X6  and dipping IP X7, salt spray corrosion.

The quality of the stickers, specially designed for use in harsh areas, it is also proven by years of use in the field on a variety of other Elfit and Cortem products as lighting fixtures, junction boxes, panels, sockets and plugs and command and signaling devices such as buttons, switches or emergency push buttons. These products are usually installed in a wide variety of climatic environments such as the oil refinery located in the most arid deserts of the Middle East and the offshore oil fields in the Caspian Sea. All major manufacturers in the Ex industry, thanks to new technologies in the field of adhesive labels, are quickly moving toward adhesive labeling of products.

The material used for our stickers, produced by a company leader in the sector, it’s a transparent polyester which can be used in a range of extreme temperatures (-60° C to +150° C). It’s UV-, moisture- and chemicals-resistant, it adheres to hard surfaces, although greasy, and it’s applicable even on textured or curved surfaces.

The marking is carefully made ​​by our production departments by thermal transfer printing. This technique, compared with the drum or laser marking, ensures that the markings remain indelible forever.

The stickers are equipped with a special anti-tampering system realized by the addition of a series of micro cuts which ensure that, in case of a tampering attempt, the sticker does not remain intact and it’s not, therefore, applicable to another component.

We are aware that this type of marking is new for the ex-proof fittings, but we are equally certain that, for the above mentioned features, it will soon appreciate the use of this new type of marking in the field of cable glands.

Publication date: 2014-07-01

Topic: Additional information