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XLFE-LIB series low intensity lighting fixtures are suitable to be installed on towers or high buildings as obstacle signalling devices at night. The XLFE-LIB lighting fixture, red in color with a luminous intensity of more than 32 candles, complies with the ICAO Annex 14 standard for low intensity aviation warning lamps type B (corresponding to the FAA L-810).  Type B low intensity obstacle warning lights are designed for buildings with low extension and height above the ground of less than 45 meters. The XLFE-LIB series can be supplied to satisfy also the requests for obstacle warning lights low intensity type A since satisfies the photometric and light intensity requirements. They are also available for industrial signalling in flashing operation and with different light colors upon request. 

  • n ° 4 LEDs installed on the electronic plate with single circuit.
  • High resistance of the LED to vibrations (longer life in particularly heavy duty).
  • Lamp life time greater than 10 years.


Body in low copper content aluminium alloy. Glass face in shock and temperature resistant borosilicate glass sealed with aluminium shade ring. Internal reflector in chrome-plated aluminum. Silicone gaskets. Stainless steel screws. N. 2 ISO M25 entries.

Also available in Spanish
Also available in Spanish

Type Description Marking Company Certificate
Atex Obstruction lights
  • II 2GD Ex db eb op is IIC T.. Gb
  • Ex tb op is IIIC T..°C Db
CML 19 ATEX 1333X
IEC Ex Obstruction lights
  • Ex db eb op is IIC T..
  • Ex tb op isIIC T..°C Db
IECEx CML 19.0102X