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Flexible conduits are used to connect offset equipment or devices subject to vibrations such as electrical motors. Furthermore, they are suitable for installation of lighting fixtures and in alternative to rigid conduits when they are difficult to install. SP series have a good flexibility and a very good damping effect against vibrations.


Flexible conduits and relevant joints can be welded by manufacturer only. Joints to be welded: from 1/2'' to 1'' in stainless steel from 1 1/4'' to 4'' in galvanised steel. Revolving joints in galvanized steel. Spiralled flexible conduit in stainless steel. All the range is available in stainless steel (code with S rather than G as final letter). ISO7/1 thread.

Type Description Marking Company Certificate
Atex Flexible conduits
  • II 2GD Ex d IIB Gb
  • Ex tb IIIC Db
  • II 2GD Ex d IIC Gb
  • Ex tb IIIC Db
IEC Ex Flexible conduits
  • Ex II 2GD Ex d IIC Gb
  • Ex d IIB Gb
  • Ex tb IIIC Db
IECEx CES 14.0011U
CCoE Flexible tube
  • Ex dbIIC/IIB Gb