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Cortem Group's aim was to provide an efficient lighting system for its production plant by replacing the old generation 400W and 250W mercury vapour lamps with 150W Cortem Group LED lighting fixtures EVL-100D series, thus reducing electricity costs and improving lighting, light quality, consumption management and environmental sustainability.



  • New design of the lighting system with 150W EVL-100D series dimmable lighting fixtures with dimmer.
  • Implementation of a lighting management system with light flow control emitted through a retro-actuated system.
  • Division into areas of the emergency lighting system.
  • Testing its own products simulating the resulting lighting in similar industrial environments.


After an in-depth analysis of the existing electrical system and the advantages offered by the dimmer system, Cortem Group has decided to:

  1. Replace the old lamps with Cortem EVL-100D LED series lighting fixtures of 150W, equipped with a dimmer system for optimizing the luminous flux through a software that allows the consumption control.
  2. Re-distribute power distribution lines
  3. Commissioning of area/ department electrical panels with the revision of the emergency lighting system to the latest regulations.

With this intervention Cortem Group estimates:

  • a reduction in the annual electricity cost of 30%;
  • a return on the initial investment of 1.53 years, considering a life time of 10.3 years, the cost of the electricity and no maintenance costs;
  • a reduction in the number of the lighting fixtures.

Return of Investment

The power management system also allows the control of the luminous flux through a light / environment sensor that measures the light inside each room and keeps constant the pre-set lighting level. The luminous intensity of the lighting equipment varies according to the contribution of the natural light present, thus avoiding unnecessary waste.

Automation is carried out using analog power supplies with dimmer and the system records consumes sending data to a software. It is possible to manage the power on and off of the equipment from the PC and display, for each room, the power used, the Lux detected and the percentage consumption of the lighting fixtures.

Below are some examples of PC display screens with the real-time situation of the lighting system in different plant locations.


The system optimizes consumption by maintaining sufficient lighting levels to perform the activity safely and with the maximum visual comfort.


Two shots of the carpentry department lighted with old mercury vapour lamps and with the new EVL-100D LEDs.

SUMMARY: why choose the Cortem LED lighting fixtures?

1. Energy saving with maximum efficiency, more light and less consumption. 
2. Longer life than conventional bulbs and, thus, reducing of maintenance costs. 
3. Savings of plant costs, lower costs to bring energy to the lamp. 
4. Directional light and superior quality allow a better identification of the colours of illuminated objects. Safety in the workplace. 
5. Use in lighting systems at low voltage (24Vdc). 
6. Resistance in the ON / OFF cycles. 
7. No Light Out for the security in the workplace. 
8. Resistance of the components to the electrical and mechanical stresses. 
9. Less weight, less volume, easier handling. 
10. Excellent heat dissipation for longer life of the LED. 
11. Possible electronic control of the light output (dimming). 
12. Respect for the environment, compliance with the standard anti-light pollution. 
13. Excellent performance in extreme climates. 
14. Immediate availability of the maximum light output power. 
15. Very low mortality of LEDs. 
16. Lower temperature classes. (T6 instead T5 or T4)
17. 'Ex de' method of protection allows the entry of the cable without realizing any conduit system with sealing. 
18. Possibility of replacing the LED plate with a more advanced technology (Future Proof).
19. In the remote case of failure of one of the LEDs, the Ex safety remains unchanged.
20. Multifunctional. From lighting fixtures to floodlight with the sole plate replacement.
21. Suitable for classified areas as IIB and IIC.
22. 100% recyclable.
23. No flickering
24. Absence of hazardous substances such as the mercury for fluorescent lamps.
25. Dimming saves cost/electricity.
26. In the case of replacement of one to one of the old generation luminaires with LED, there will still be a reduction in costs due to the lower energy consumption of the LED lighting fixtures and lower maintenance costs of the existing electrical system.