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New signalling lighting fixtures EVL-60B/G, EVML-50/G

Monday, 24 July 2017

EVL-60B/G and EVML-50/G are the new lighting fixtures which feature a LED plate and a globe of different colours: blue, red, green, amber.

They can be installed in locations where obstacles, dangers must be signalled and for any visual communication. They replace acoustic signals in places where they are not applicable.


New accessory for EVF-18EX series lighting fixture

Monday, 24 July 2017
A new accessory has been designed for EVF-18EX series Fluorescent Emergency lighting fixtures to contain safety pictograms placed on two external plexiglasses. It’s code is G1-0591 and it is made with a top frame and a lower frame on which the two plexiglas complete with pictograms are attached as shown in the figure.
Some standardized pictograms according to UNI EN ISO 7010 have been codified, however, other safety pictograms can be provided on specific customer request.

REVD series Cortem Group cable glands positively passed the EMC tests for electromagnetic compatibility

Monday, 20 March 2017
The EMC Directive 2014/30/EU (Electromagnetic Compatibility) states that electrical equipment must not cause interference or electromagnetic pollution. They shall also be immune to a reasonable amount of interference.
Cable glands are not components under the EMC Directive because do not emit electromagnetic interference and they cannot suffer them.
However, the cable glands with good electrical continuity properties, can significantly improve the EMC performance of equipment connected to cables secured with cable glands, providing an electrical continuity path for the cable shield.
Cortem Group conducted at Intertek laboratory the EMC tests on REVD cable glands for armored cables of various sizes in an anechoic chamber. The cable glands were installed in a flameproof enclosure with a connected cable section, having function of antenna. A generator of electromagnetic radiation was introduced into the junction box and it has been measured the level of the cable shield radiation.
The test showed that if the shield/armor is properly connected to Cortem Group cable gland, detected emissions are well below the Class B levels set out in EN 55022 standard. The levels are also acceptable if the shield/armor is partially connected. In any case, attenuations of the disorder up to 20-30dB occur, depending on the frequencies.
This demonstrates the excellent quality of electrical continuity of REVD Cortem Group cable glands. 

New certificates ATEX, IECEx, TR CU, INMETRO

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


  • R ... B … three piece connection fittings CESI 99 ATEX 034U - extension for temperatures -60° C (stainless steel only)
  • EM ... NP ... ELF … fittings and elbows CESI 01 ATEX 104U - extension for temperatures -60° C 
  • SP … flexible conduits CESI 00 ATEX 048U - extension for temperatures -60° C 
  • RE ... REB ... REM … REN … PLG adapters and plugs CESI 02 ATEX 049X - extension for temperatures -60° C 
  • M-0 … ‘Ex d’ control devices  CESI 01 ATEX 025U - extension for temperatures -60° C, added new aluminum or stainless warning light for -60° C
  • SA ... CTB CTBE … … with special equipment CML 16 ATEX 3163X - new certificate to install in the junction boxes heaters, proximitor, fieldbus, transmitters etc. The list of equipment allowed to be installed is indicated on the certificate
  • Command and control unit CSC, EFDC, EFSCO and EMH series, CESI 01 ATEX 092 X - extension for regulatory compliance, added cast iron as new material, new version for Group I (mine) stainless steel or cast iron products.
  • Multiled and monoled M-0612 and M-0487 series, IECEx CES 11.0030U - extension for legislative update, new amber, blue and colorless lenses for M-0487 series
  • Empty enclosures EJB series, CESI 00 ATEX 036U - extension for -60° C temperatures
  • Empty enclosures GUB series, CESI 01 ATEX 034U - extension for -60° C temperatures, possibilities of drilling on the bottom
  • GUB series command and control unit, CESI 01 ATEX 036 - extension for -60° C temperatures, legislative update
  • EWL series lighting fixtures and floodlights, CML 16 ATEX 1348 - re–certification of the product and improvements listed below
    • “op is” protection
    • new EWL-80..C and EWL-801..C for-40° C temperatures
    • new range of supply voltages
    • new temperature classes


Class Temp.

Max. surface temperature






























    • New codes have been created for the sale of lighting fixtures with dimmer (eg. EWL-80/D)
    • New coding system for requests of different color temperatures (eg. EWL-80/2700K)
  • EVL series lighting fixtures and floodlights: new code for equipment with dimmer (EVL-80/D)


  • EJB ... AQS-1 empty enclosures IECEx CES 14.0017U - extension for temperatures -60° C, added EJBX-01, EJBX-01B models
  • CCA ... GUB ... empty enclosures IECEx CES 14.0017U - extension for temperatures -60° C, possibilities of drilling on the bottom
  • EPC ... EPRC ... AP ... plugs and sockets IECEx CES 16.0008 - new certificate
  • M-0 ...  Ex d control devices IECEx CES 14.0030U - new certificate, includes temperatures -60° C and new aluminum or stainless steel warning light as ATEX extension
  • VIXLU lighting fixtures IECEx CES 15.0019 - new certificate
  • EJB ... AQS-1 control station IECEx CES 16.0012X - new certificate, includes temperatures -60° C, EJBX-01, EJBX-01B models
  • GUB…CCA control station IECEx CES 16.0013X - new certificate, includes temperatures -60° C
  • GUB…CCA interface unit control and monitoring IECEx CES 16.0015X - new certificate, includes temperatures -60° C
  • EJB ... AQS-1 interface unit control and monitoring IECEx CES 16.0014X - new certificate, includes temperatures -60° C, EJBX-01, EJBX-01B  models
  • SA… CTB …CTBE… with special equipment IECEx CML 16.0074X - new certificate to install heaters, proximitor, fieldbus, transmitters etc. The list of equipment allowed to be installed is indicated on the certificate


  • Electrical fittings and valves B, R, EM, NP, ELF, RE, PLG, SP, ECD, RU C-IT.B.02271 - Re-certification of the products, –60° C temperatures


  • EJB ... empty enclosures DNV 16.0099U - new certificate that includes EJB and EJBX
  • PY ... SPY … sockets and plugs DNV 16.0098X - new certificate


New warning lights M-0457 series for -60°C operating temperatures

Friday, 17 February 2017

The range of command and control devices 'Ex d' M -... series has been widen with two new signal lamps suitable for installation on flameproof enclosures intended for -60° C ambient temperature. They are available in LED version or with traditional lamp, with different voltages and colors, made of aluminum or stainless steel. The LED gem is equipped with three high-brightness LEDs, it has a consumption of 20mA and a estimated lifespam of 50.000 hours.

Started the production of SLED-400 and SLED-250

Friday, 17 February 2017

Since January, Cortem Group has started the production and supply of SLED-400 and SLED-250 floodlights. The all SLED series is now available for our costumers.


LED lighting fixtures EXEL-L series: higher performance in terms of efficiency

Monday, 19 December 2016

The performance of EXEL-L series LED lighting fixtures have been further improved in terms of efficiency: LEDs tubes certified by Cortem supplied with the lighting fixtures reach now 2.900 lm on EXEL-2150L model and 5.700 lm on EXEL-230L model.

Waterproof enclosures with IP65 degree of protection

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Condulet waterproof enclosures C-LB-LL-LR-LU-T-TB-X series are used as pulling or junction boxes in areas where is no danger of explosion, but it is required a specific protection to prevent the entry of solids and liquids. IP65 certified, they are aluminium made and can be installed in chemical and off-shore plants and where is present a strong external agents aggression.

EXEL-L LED series now available for use in emergency operation and with TR CU certification

Thursday, 1 September 2016

EXEL-L series increased safety lighting fixtures with resin bonded LEDs tubes has been expanded with eight new models, four for normal+emergency operation and four only emergency, fitted with a Ni/Cd battery from 4Ah or 7Ah, with electronic inverter.

Thanks to the use of LED technology applied also to these models, the operating time and the energy saving are considerably greater: the new models with two LED tubes for normal+emergency and with one LED tube for only emergency operation have a discharge time that is from two up to four hours.

Moreover, EXEL-L series has got the TR CU certification for the Eurasian Customs Union, in addition to ATEX and IECEx ones.

NEW to the catalogue: ACQUEX series lighting fixtures

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cortem Group presents the new ACQUEX series lighting fixtures, ATEX certified and with method of protection II 3GD Ex nA IIC T6 Gc – Ex t IIIC T85°C Dc IP66. Manufactured in GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) and polycarbonate, they are particularly suitable to ensure a high protection degree in indoor environment, such as the process lines and the storage depots, and they are designed to illuminate large outdoor industrial areas, such as refineries and petrochemical plants.

Two the available versions: with LED module, which ensures an instant restrike with 4.000°K neutral white light and an estimated life of 50.000 hours, and with fluorescent tubes. Both versions are available in normal and normal + emergency working. 

EVML-50/O series lighting fixtures for tank lighting and monitoring

Monday, 1 February 2016

EVML-50/O series lighting fixtures are used to illuminate and monitor hazardous materials contained inside tanks and cisterns thanks to a stainless steel bracket for the coupling with the porthole flange. This model has a side entry in order to simplify the installation, reducing the overall dimensions.

REVF and REVN series cable glands with female and male threaded entries

Friday, 1 January 2016

REVF series cable glands, with female threaded entry, and REVN, with male threaded entry, are suitable for use in areas with risk of explosion to enable direct insertion of non armoured cables (placed in tubes or flexible pipe) in junction boxes, lighting fixtures, sockets, plugs, etc. 

They are equipped with a compression ring that tightens the cable entry ensuring the 'Ex d' way of protection and the IP66/67 protection. REVF and REVN series are equipped with an additional action point for the wrench compared to the previous FGF, FGN series cable glands, which allows the tightening of the external threaded bushing with an allen wrench. In the previous series of cable glands, in fact, the tightening of the external threaded bushing was only possible by an adjustable pipe tongs. This screw operation could ruin, scratch, engrave or even warp the ring compromising the duration and tightness. This risk has been overcome thanks to the addition of the new action point. 

For the correct assembly of REVF, REVN cable glands it’s necessary: 

- Assemble the cable gland body on the junction box/lighting fixture; 

- Assemble the side with the threaded bushing and the nut (one body) on the tube or on the flexible pipe; 

- Assemble the two parts tightening the nut. 

New VIXLU series lighting fixtures in stainless steel

Friday, 1 January 2016

Increased safety lighting fixtures for VIXLU series bi-pin fluorescent tubes feature an IP66 fixture with an AISI 304 stainless steel body and a tempered shock- and high temperature-resistant glass diffuser. 

This construction method makes them ideal for applications where greater protection is needed against chemically aggressive substances or where there is an elevated risk of accidental physical damage such as in certain areas of the chemical or pharmaceutical industries. They are also recommended for use in highly corrosive environments and in areas where water and dust are present or where there are severe variations in climate.

VIXLU series lighting fixtures are also available upon request with body in AISI 316L stainless steel painted RAL 9003 for installations in marine or naval environments (order code VIXLU-236MP) and with body in AISI 316L stainless steel for installations in marine environments (order code VIXLU-236M). 

Explosion protection: II 2 GD Ex e mb IIC Gb T ... Ex tb IIIC T ...° C Db IP66 

Ambient temperature: -40° C +55° C 


Technical data sheet comparing old and new models of EJB series junction boxes

Thursday, 1 October 2015

As we disclose at the beginning of the year, Cortem Group is gradually introducing some constructive changes to EJB series explosion-proof junction boxes in order to get the following advantages:

  • Greater flexibility and reduced time for the supply of junction boxes with hinges applied also on the short side thanks to the set up for mounting.
  • Precise true up between body and cover, centering the bolts.
  • Minor lateral dimensions of the junction box thanks to the absence of casting hinges.

The technical data sheet here attached presents each model, which will be reviewed, comparing the features of the old model with the new model, highlighting graphically what will stay the same and what will change.

PDF icon Comparison old and new models of EJB series junction boxes

New VIXLU series lighting fixtures in stainless steel available by the end of the year

Thursday, 1 October 2015

By the end of the year will be available the new VIXLU series lighting fixtures designed for applications where greater protection is needed against chemically aggressive substances or where there is an high risk of mechanical shock.
It will consist of a IP66 diffuser made of shock resistant tempered glass and a stainless steel body AISI 304.

Explosion protection: II 2 GD Ex e mb IIC Gb T ... Ex tb IIIC T ...° C Db IP66

Ambient temperature: -20° C + 40° C

New locking device M-0631 for control and monitoring devices

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

It's now available the new Cortem Group’s locking device that protects control and monitoring devices against not authorized activation.

The new M-0631 locking device is made of polycarbonate resistant to low temperatures, UV and shocks with a bearing plate in stainless steel AISI 316L. It’s also characterized by a greater containment capacity of the command devices, with respect to the models on the market, and by a opening side that allows also to padlock the button using the locking bar with chain.

The installation on junction boxes may be carried out using stud rivets on SA series (Ex e) junction boxes or self-tapping rivets with round head on EJB (Ex d) series junction boxes

New LED lighting fixtures EWL-80... C/ series

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

EWL-80 ... C/ series lighting fixtures are now available, a special version of the EWL-80 series that features a reinforced body and a slightly modified geometry that allow the use of this model in environments with danger of explosion with temperature up at -40° C.

Dimming light with LED lighting fixtures EWL and EVL series

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Cortem has approached the topic of dimming applied to LED lighting fixtures destined for areas with risk of explosion. EWL and EVL series may be provided in special version with the possibility of luminous flux controlling.


EWL-70       0-10V on request

EWL-80       0-10V

EWL-801     DALI

EWL-100     0-10V or PWM or resistance

EWL-1001   0-10V or PWM or resistance


EWL-70/...   0-10V on request

EWL-80/...   0-10V

EWL-801/... DALI

EWL-100/... 0-10V or PWM or resistance


EVL-60       0-10Vdc

EVL-70       0-10Vdc

EVL-80       on request 

New LED lighting fixtures EWL-1001 series

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

It’s now available a new model of EWL series lighting fixtures, the EWL-1001, only as lighting fixture version. The EWL-1001 allows to obtain, with a power consumption of 177 W, a lumen output of 23.010 lm, an efficiency of 130 lm/ W with a color rendering index of >70. With these performance, the EWL-1001 lighting fixture can replace high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures more than 400W.

New EVML series LED Low Bay lighting fixtures

Monday, 1 June 2015

EVML lighting fixtures with LED technology have been designed to offer a Low Bay lighting fixture that could replace incandescent equivalents with lower costs. They are suitable for the illumination of areas in which it’s necessary to limit the obstruction such as tunnels, passages, corridors, stairways, perimeter walls and command and control cabins. They can also be used to illuminate and monitor hazardous materials contained inside tanks and cisterns.

The EVML series features the 'Ex e mb' method of protection: the electronic board and LEDs are protected with silicone of high transparency. It's available with 220-240Vac power supply and 110Vac/dc (code EVML-50/100).