Innovated and expanded the family of EVNL series lighting fixtures for zone 2, 21 and 22

New and more performing models with LED board available

Cortem Group's approach to innovation has led to the renewal and expansion of the EVNL series of LED lighting fixtures, now available with new, updated and enhanced models. 

Here are the news:

  • New Multi-LED board
  • Transparent part in glass or polycarbonate
  • Ambient temperature range extended to -60°C +60°C for models with transparent glass part. For models with polycarbonate the minimum ambient temperature is -40° C.
  • New powers available from 30W up to 220W
  • Different lumen outputs ranging from a minimum of 3,180lm to a maximum of 25,500lm.
  • Maximum overall efficiency 135 lm/W

The limited breathing protection method 'Ex nR' (Zone 2) and 'Ex tb' (Zone 21, 22) remains unchanged.

New LED lighting fixtures EVNL series with Multi-LED board

Fecha de publicación: 31/5/2021

Tema: Products