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Business ethicsCortem Group aims to supply products and services that meet customers’ requirements of quality and reliability, pursuing, at the same time, the Company’s profitability, the environment protection, the respect of health and safety regulations for people at work and also the respect of principles of code of conduct.

Based on the above, Cortem management commits itself to promote and lead all the activities related to its Company Management System, in conformity with the prescriptions of the regulations UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 ; furthermore, the same defines the Company Policy, pursuing the following targets:

  • to develop its ability to compete on the market for a long-lasting steady growing of transactions volume through increase of international business income and client portfolio
  • to spread the Company’s Policies and values, so that all the employees can easily and clearly refer to them
  • to pursue customers’ satisfaction thanks to its products quality and reliability
  • to improve the environmental performances, reducing the polluting emissions in air and water, reducing the waste production and promoting the waste disposal and re cycling
  • continuous improvement of health and safety at work by reducing the number of hours lost due to injury, the achievement of predefined training and technology programs, the awareness of workers
  • to qualify its suppliers favoring those who can prove to care for the environment, who implemented an environmental policy, promoted health and safety of workers or implemented a health and safety management system
  • to awake all the employees and the outsourcers as regards to environment protection and health and safety
  • to keep itself up to date about the laws obligations the Company is subject to
  • to fulfill the laws obligations related to any new investments and technical changes.

To pursue the above aims, we take the responsibility to promote, develop and maintain a Company Management System applicable to all the Company levels and we commit ourselves:

  • to make sure, through the Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Manager, that the Company Management System processes are well known, applied and constantly kept up to date
  • to promote, through the Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Manager, the continuous updating and spreading of the system documents
  • to stimulate the responsibility and professionalism of the employees at any level, through an adequate training program
  • to promote a continuous personnel training at any levels to allow the optimization of individual skills achieving environmental, health and safety goals
  • to enforce the contractual prescriptions and the related requisites by all the Company Offices, in accordance with the Company Management System
  • to define, quantify and improve the standards of Company control and management.

The adoption of the Integrated Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Manual is the main means to spread to all the Company levels principles, rules and procedures for a good business management.



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