Products warranty

Standard warranty 

Cortem Group guarantees the good quality and the manufacturing of its own materials in accordance to current regulations. 

If any problems, defaults or materials or manufacturing defectives should occur fill in the form here below. The request will be examined directly by our Quality Office which will evaluate it for a possible Warranty activation.

All Cortem Group’s products are covered by a 12 months’ warranty since the delivery date. 

For more information see the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Cortem and Elfit

Special warranty

For EWL series LED lighting fixtures and floodlights and for LIFEX series LED lighting fixtures Cortem Group provides a warranty extension of 5 years. 

It's a special warranty which aim is to protect our customers and demonstrate the high quality of our products. 

For terms and conditions of application, effectiveness and the procedure for the activation of the warranty, have a look at the EWL Limited extended Warranty and LIFEX Limited extended Warranty. 

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