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FGAB series barrier cable glands are used for the direct insertion of armoured cables into Ex d boxes. The clamping is made on the armour and on the cable external sheath. Every single conductor is locked and gasketsed into the bushing using a special gasketsing mixture which prevents the propagation of flames. FGAB series are supplied with a finishing kit including the resin, the mixing spatula and the gloves.


Nickel-plated brass. Bi-component epoxy resin. Resin finishing kit. ISO7/1 thread.

Type Description Marking Company Certificate
Atex Cableglands
  • II 2GD Ex d IIC Gb
  • Ex e IIC Gb
  • Ex tb IIIC Db
IEC Ex Barrier cable glands
  • Ex d IIC Gb
  • Ex e IIC Gb
  • Ex tb IIIC Db
IECEx CES 14.0015X