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M-0 series control, monitoring and signalling devices are installed as external accessories on Cortem 'Ex d' enclosures used in any industrial environment where an explosive atmosphere may be present, classified as Zone 1, 2, 21, 22. M-0 control devices can be used to close or open electrical or mechanical devices fitted inside the 'Ex d' enclosures while the signalling devices feature lights to indicate their operating status. The control and signalling device components are made from stainless steel to deliver unbeatable efficiency under any environmental conditions. Levers are made from aluminium while the plastic parts on push-buttons are designed to provide lengthy service life even when used in a highly corrosive atmosphere. M-0 control and signalling devices have an IP66 protection degree.


Aluminium, stainless steel, polyamide.

M-0 Ex d
Also available in Spanish
Also available in Spanish

Type Description Marking Company Certificate
Atex Operators - CESI
  • II 2GD Ex d IIC
  • Ex td A21
  • I M2 Ex d I Mb
IEC Ex Led pilot lights
  • Ex d IIC Gb
  • Ex de IIC Gb
  • Ex tb IIIC Db
IECEx CES 11.0030U
IEC Ex Operators
  • Ex db I Mb
  • Ex db IIC Gb
  • Ex tb IIIC Db
IECEx CES 14.0030U