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FLFE-...L (Ex de) and FLF-...L (Ex d) series lighting fixtures for LED strips have two low copper content aluminium heads, a tempered borosilicate glass body, resistant to changes in heat, and a white painted aluminium reflector.
The ‘Ex de’ lighting fixture features an “Ex e” terminal board housing that allows entry to the lamp with a cable gland with an “Ex” seal (normal) as specified in installation standard (EN/IEC 60079.14). The entry to the ‘Ex d’ lighting fixtures must be through an Ex “barrier” cable gland (sealed) or, in the case of a conduit system, with an EYS, EZS series sealing fittings.

  • The round cross section of the lamp provides a better “Cx” coefficient with less resistance to the wind and less accumulation of dust


Aluminium alloy heads with low copper content. Shockproof and temperature-resistant borosilicate glass tube. White aluminium internal frame that works as diffusing reflector also. NBR gaskets resistant to acids and hydrocarbons. 1 or 2 LED strips. RAL 7035 polyester coating. Stainless steel screws.

FLF-L Strips, FLFE-L Strips
Also available in Spanish
Also available in Spanish

Type Description Marking Company Certificate
Atex Lighting fixture
  • II 2GD Ex db op is IIC T6 Gb
  • Ex tb op is IIIC T… Db
CESI 09 ATEX 008
IEC Ex Lighting Fixtures
  • II 2GD Ex db eb IIC T6 Gb
  • Ex tb IIIC T...°C Db
IECEx CES 11.0021
Product Eulumdat (LDT) IES
FLFE-101L Binary Data FLFE-101L.LDT Binary Data FLFE-101L.IES
FLFE-102L Binary Data FLFE-102L.LDT Binary Data FLFE-102L.IES
FLFE-201L Binary Data FLFE-201L.LDT Binary Data FLFE-201L.IES
FLFE-202L Binary Data FLFE-202L.LDT Binary Data FLFE-202L.IES