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The hand-lamp LHL-P ... series for LED tubes of 9/17 Watt have been designed for the work of inspection and maintenance in all those potentially explosive places for the presence of gas and dust as petrochemical industries, off-shore facilities, the areas of tank control and the process areas. They are robust and easy to handle at the same time with a high degree of IP protection and excellent performance in light output. The LED modules used for LHL-P ... series hand-lamp allow to get an excellent color spectrum thanks to the type of light emitted by the LED.


Policarbonate tube V0 (UL94) resistant to shock and UV rays. Mounting with stainless steel hook. Cable H07RN-F 2x1mm2 lenght 5 m. Cable gland model UNI01 in polyammide .

Also available in Spanish
Also available in Spanish