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RLFE series lighting fixtures for discharge lamps are ideal for lighting large areas specifically in the chemical, on and off shore petrochemical industries. The body of the lighting fixture is made from low copper content aluminium alloy, the globe is made of borosilicate glass and has excellent thermal and mechanical properties as well as being able to withstand shocks of up to 4 Joules. For this reason, the fixture can also be installed without a protective guard as specified in the relevant standards. In the RLFE series, the lamp and lamp holder are separated by a “chamber” housing the ballast and igniter that in turn are separated by a “Ex e” terminal box that is used to connect the lighting fixture to the power supply through a cable gland with an Ex (non barrier) seal as specified in EN/IEC 60079-14.


Low copper content aluminium alloy body. Borosilicate glass globe. PLG2IB plug and NAV25IB cable gland. Standard power supply 230V 50Hz. Stainless steel protective guard. RAL 7035 polyester coating. Silicon gaskets.

Also available in Spanish
Also available in Spanish

Type Description Marking Company Certificate
Atex Lighting fixtures
  • II 2GD Ex de IIC T…Gb
  • Ex tb IIIC T…°C Db
ITS 12 ATEX 17645 X