FlowEx: the new edge in explosion-proof lighting

Cortem Group presents the third generation of LED lighting fixtures for areas at risk of explosion

FlowEx: the new edge in explosion-proof lighting

Cortem Group presents the third generation of LED lighting fixtures for areas at risk of explosion

FlowEx is Cortem Group 's latest technological revolution that combines the constant lighting efficiency of real 151 l/W with extreme lightness, ease of installation and versatility for any type of classified environment.

The finned body, patented with Heat technology Destroyer, is made of high quality die cast aluminum and acts as a great heat sink for the ring shaped LED plate. The central heat sink element allows the fresh outside air to disperse the heat by lapping the surfaces in an ascending air motion that exploits natural convection. Furthermore, the geometric shape of the cooling fins reduces the deposit of combustible dust and allows the air or water present in the surrounding environment to self-clean the lighting fixture.

The design based on the principles of Lean manufacturing has made it possible to obtain a lighting fixture that is light and easy to install, but at the same time robust and durable over time.

Available in three sizes and with a wide range of voltages and powers, the FlowEx series has been optimally designed and certified according to the installation needs, combining the LED diode concept with the protection levels Gb , Db and Gc suitable for use in classified zones 1, 2, 21, 22.

From an electronic and lighting engineering point of view, the use of high-power LED plates has made it possible to achieve a lumen output ranging from 4,784 lm to 27,961 lm with a maximum overall efficiency of 151 l/W real and constant.

The improvement of the luminous efficiency will allow the use of lower electrical powers to produce the same luminous imprint and a verifiable and tangible energy saving from the first start-up in one of the most energy-intensive sectors, such as the Oil & Gas.


Body: Die-cast aluminum alloy with low copper content. Equipped with cooling fins for high heat dissipation

Front glass: Tempered glass resistant to shocks and high temperatures

Seals: Silicone resistant to acids, hydrocarbons and high temperatures

Fixing bracket : Galvanized steel

Screws: Stainless steel

Entries: Standard configuration with 1 ISO M20 entry with NAV20SIB cable gland.

Paint: Polyester Ral 7035 (Light gray)

Degree of protection: IP66


FLOWEX-ME: II 2GD - Ex eb mb IIC T .. Gb - Ex tb IIIC T .. ° C Db IP66

FLOWEX-MN: II 3G - Ex nR IIC T .. Gc IP66II 2D - Ex tb IIIC T .. ° C Db IP66



Light angle (viewing angle): 120° 

Color temperature: 5000 K 

CRI: > 70 

Instant Restrike : YES

L90: 60000 h




The new edge in explosion-proof lighting

Fecha de publicación: 14/7/2022

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