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Cortem S.p.A, the main company of the Cortem Group, is 50 years old: the company was founded on 24 February 1968 in Villesse by Marco Rossi and Renato Gratton with the acronym "Cor.tem", Construction, Electromechanical Technical Representations, with the ambition of becoming an Italian first and later an international leader, in the design and production of electrical equipment for environments with risk of explosion and fire.

Cortem’s story (see timeline) is of a small Italian company initially formed by a few people that has grown and structured itself over the years as a solid base for diversified activities which have led it to an inevitable internalization. Cortem today is a group that boasts 4 Sister Companies located in Singapore, Dubai, Moscow and Buenos Aires, 10 Distribution Hubs, 250 employees and a wide sales network and it is one of the main players in the explosion-protected market with a turnover of around 50 million euros.

Cortem Headquarters Today

Cortem headquarters in Villesse today

It was the 70s when Italy, headed by Eni, decided to increase the specialization in the transformation of crude oil into a finished product, and in that decade ELFIT was founded with the aim of internalising some strategic processes such as mergers and machinery of all those products complementary to lighting, like fittings, cable glands and junction boxes, for environments with risk of explosion and fire.

Since the 90s, thanks also to the acquisition of the Fondisonzo company, a competitor in the same market segment, Cortem soon became the technological reference in the field of explosion-proof systems in Italy and Europe. In 2006, Cortem, Elfit and Fondisonzo joined forces in one Group to get to market faster and more efficiently.

ELFIT works at the beginning of the 80s

Elfit and Cortem facilities in the 80s

As explains Alessandro Rossi, partner and President of the Board of Directors: “Fifty years of work is a long road, started by my father Marco and his partner Renato in the late 60s. Today, in the wake of that ambitious project, the second generation has picked up the baton and works with great pride and determination by measuring daily the multinationals in the same sector, characterized by a capacity of means and resources that are not comparable. Our reality, "a pocket multinational", has been able to gather tradition and transform it into a corporate culture, enhancing people and their work, a characteristic that does not lead us to fear the next 50 years of comparison with an increasingly frenetic and demanding market”.


Mechanical workshop yesterday

Mechanical workshop today
Elfit mechanical workshop yesterdayElfit mechanical workshop today

The concept of "global thinking, locally acting" has always been the winning model in the Group's strategies, increasingly dynamic in the creation of branches and in the delocalization of the commercial activities and product assembling.

In addition to the continuous effort in the research and development of innovative quality products compliant to international standards, great attention has always been paid to customized and engineered solutions in perfect "MADE IN ITALY" style.

Cortem's story is the story of an Italian company, similar to that of many other Italian companies, where the family business model and the managerial approach merged in a winning way; a story that teaches us that, in order to achieve the right balance between tradition, growth and innovation, we need diversification and flexibility, in products, in markets, in production facilities and in response to customer needs.

“We thank all the customers who in the recent years have trusted us - concludes the Cortem’s chairman - and have written the story of half a century with us in a completely Italian reality. A special thanks to all the employees, from the staff to our workers, without whom none of this would have been possible. They are the true corporate assets, the base on which to continue building and generating value for everybody in a lasting way”.


…Happy Birthday Cortem…