Half a century of successes for a completely Italian company 

Cortem S.p.A, the main company of the Cortem Group, turned 50 in 2018: the company was founded on 24 February 1968 in Villesse by Marco Rossi and Renato Gratton with the acronym "Cor.tem", Construction, Electromechanical Technical Representations, with the ambition of becoming an Italian first and later an international leader, in the design and production of electrical equipment for environments with risk of explosion and fire.

Cortem’s story  is of a small Italian company initially formed by a few people that has grown and structured itself over the years as a solid base for diversified activities which have led it to an inevitable internalisation. 

Cortem today is a group that boasts 4 Sister Companies located in Singapore, Dubai, Moscow and Buenos Aires, 10 Distribution Hubs, 250 employees and a wide sales network and it is one of the main players in the explosion-protected market with a turnover of around 50 million euros.

  • 1968
    Constitution of Cortem S.p.A.

    Cortem S.p.A. was established by Mr. Marco Rossi and Renato Gratton, who thus joined the technical and commercial experience that they had acquired managing an important American leading company of Oil&Gas sector.

  • 1977
    Constitution of Elfit S.p.A.

    Elfit S.p.A. company was established with the aim to improve the production cycle: the fusion and the products working, the manufacturing of electrical and watertight fittings in particular. The first increased safety lighting fixture, series AVF, was designed and spread in the Italian market.

  • 1985
    The first electronic grounding system

    The electronic grounding system GRD-4200 for tanks and tankers was born in 1985, as a sample of technological innovation.

  • 1989
    The first floodlight  RLEE-107

    The floodlight RLEE-107 was designed for incandescent lamps up to 1000 W, tailor made for an important plant in Iran. the first increased safety aluminium alloy lighting fixture, series LX, was designed for the same Iranian project.

  • 1994
    Quality System certification by DNV

    Cortem and Elfit Quality System was certified by DNV, according to the European regulation UNI EN 29002 (ISO 9002). Two years later the manufacturing certification UNI EN ISO 9001 was also obtained.

  • 1998
    Important supply for Bandar Abbas project

    Cortem was awarded by SNAMPROGETTI Milan a supply contract for the BANDAR ABBAS Refinery in Iran, for the value of 1.600.000 USD. Cortem UK Ltd was established to expand our products market in the United Kingdom.

  • 1999
    The first double channel electronic ballast

    Cortem was awarded by TECHNIP ITALY a big supply contract for the value of 1,200,000 USD for the MIDOR Refinery in Alexandria, Egypt.The first multi-range, double channel electronic ballast for 'Ex e' fluorescent lighting fixtures was designed in cooperation with a well-known manufacturer of electronic components.

  • 2000
    Certification for the production quality according to 94/9/CE (ATEX)

    The Company obtained the CESI certification for the production quality, according to the directive 64/9/CE (ATEX). CORTEM expanded its sales offices in Milan, which were equipped and wired for HDSL transmission technology and a screen conference system, thus enabling the connection with the production department in the headquarter and with the major customers, for a better technical support. The electronics PCB circuits, used to control and synchronize the led diode signalling lights, were designed and first manufactured.

  • 2002
    Production of the first 16A plugs and sockets 

    Some products were certified according to the Russian regulations (GOST R and GOSGORTECHNADZOR) . Cortem started manufacturing the 16A explosion proof socket and plug, with the pins in accordance with CEE regulation. TECHNIP FRANCE awarded Cortem a contract for the 9th OLEFIN ETHANE CRACKING PLANT in NARGAN, IRAN.

  • 2003
    Quality system certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard

    Cortem obtained DNV Quality System certification, according to the regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 (VISION 2000), the products certification for the Australian market (IEC) and for the Kazakh market (GOST K). 

    Cortem is awarded some important contracts: by SNAM-PROGETTI MILAN for the ARAMCO QATIF PROJECT in SAUDI ARABIA (3.800.000 USD), by TECHNIP FRANCE for the OMIFCO-FERTILIZER PROJECT in INDIA (1.800.000 USD).

  • 2004
    Establishment of Cortem de Venezuela

    Cortem de Venezuela was established to expand the market in South America.
    Cortem is the third company in the world to be admitted to the vendor list of the PDV SA public petroleum company.

  • 2006
    Cortem Group is born

    Cortem Group is estabilished to meet the growing request for new technologies, quality products and environmental protection. Cortem, Elfit and Fondisonzo companies join their forces in one Group, to satisfy and meet the market requirements. 

    Cortem obtains the certification according to the international regulation IEC-EX and the environmental management system certificate ISO 14001. It is awarded by SNAMPROGETTI MILAN a big supply contract for the ARAMCO-Kursaniyah Plant, in Saudi Arabia (2.300.000 USD).

  • 2007
    Opening of a Cortem office in Middle East

    Opening of a Cortem office in Dubai as a reference for the Middle East Countries. The 'Ex e' switches and selectors series is completed, as well as the series of acoustic-visual obstruction lights and the 'Ex n' lighting fixtures for discharge lamp, zone 2-22, series EWN.

  • 2008
    Cortem forty anniversary 

    Cortem Group experience, gained in forty years, is at customers' disposal with high quality standard products. Since 1968 Cortem Group guarantees safety in electrical plants, respects nature and offers pure quality to its clients.

  • 2010
    New production department for processing special steels and construction of boxes and stainless steel panels

    A new series of “Ex e” control devices has been designed allowing the realization of control panels with IP66 degree of protection. A new production department was opened in order to machine special steels obtaining stainless steel boxes and panels. Cortem obtained a Quality System Certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard and its R&D laboratory achieved the recognition of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region as highly qualified structure in the field of analysis of explosion-proof materials.

  • 2011
    Research and development on LED technology grows up

    The R&D activity is going on in order to design more efficient and reliable equipment such as lighting fixtures with LED technology. While in Italy Cortem Group consolidates its leading position, worldwide the Group is aiming to expand into new markets like the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America by increasing its sales network and establishing new partnerships.

  • 2012
    New EWL-80 series lighting fixture and floodlight

    Cortem Group enters definitely the world of LED technology for the illumination of hazardous areas. It sets up the EWL-80 series in two versions, lighting fixture and floodlight, designed according to the technical requirements of LED. This new product is able to achieve important benefits in terms of energy savings, lighting quality and reduced maintenance.

  • 2016
    New sister companies in Dubai, Singapore and Russia

    Cortem Group continues its international development strategy establishing new sister companies in Dubai, Singapore and Russia and strengthening its 2016 sales network in Korea and South America. Designs the new LED floodlight SLED series with a square shaped beam.

  • 2018
    Cortem fifty anniversary

    Cortem today is today an international group that boasts 4 Sister Companies, 10 Distribution Hubs, 250 employees and a wide sales network and it is one of the main players in the explosion-protected market with a turnover of around 50 million euros.

  • 2020
    LifEx: the shift in the new lighting paradigm

    Cortem Group designs LifEx, the first LED native linear luminaire with an innovative and future-oriented design: small size, recyclable, light and easy to install, but at the same time robust and durable over time.

  • 2022
    FlowEx: the new edge in explosion-proof lighting

    Cortem Group presents the third generation of LED lighting fixtures for areas at risk of explosion.