Shipbuilding industry

The shipbuilding sector is one of the most important and complex in the world economy, in particular as regards maritime transport.

Merchant transport is a fundamental component of the transport infrastructure, both in inland and maritime waters, and is essential in world trade, since it is through the sea that fuels, natural resources, chemicals, agricultural products and consumer goods travel, coming from producer countries and directed to consumer countries placed between them at the most disparate distances.

The three elements on which it is based

This system is essentially based on three elements:

  • the ports, which constitute the terminals where the goods converge, which must be equipped with all the necessary systems for loading/unloading the goods (docks, loading cranes, storage areas, handling vehicles and customs) and to satisfy the needs of arriving and departing ships (assistance vehicles, refueling facilities, maintenance basins)
  • merchant ships, freighters, LNG carriers transporting goods and fuel from the port of departure to the port of destination
  • interconnections with terrestrial networks, through which goods can be sorted to and from the hinterland.

Cortem Group marine products offer high performance and reliability in harsh conditions. They have excellent protection from impacts and corrosion caused by saltwater splashes, ensuring a high level of safety maintained in the long term.