Technical Instructions

Code Description Company PDF
XLF Obstruction signalling lights Cortem
M-0459 M-0487 M-0612 Signalling equipment Cortem
EB EI Electronic ballast and inverter Cortem
G-0309 Rechargable battery group Cortem
EVF Lighting fixtures Cortem
AVN Lighting fixtures Cortem
PY SPY Socket-outlets and plugs Cortem
EXEL Lighting fixtures Cortem
EXEL-L Lighting fixtures Cortem
CSC EFD EFSCO EMH Signalling and control stations Cortem
M-0 Signalling and control equipment Cortem
EJB INTERF Control and command units or interface units Cortem
EJB..SC Surge arresters Cortem
CSE EFD Signalling and control stations Cortem
S S.1 GUA MORSETTI Cassette con morsetti Cortem
LN Lighting fixtures Cortem
EJB Enclosures Cortem
S S.1 GUA VUOTE Junction boxes Cortem
HI Lighting fixtures Cortem
RLEE Floodlights Cortem
SLEE Floodlights Cortem
PMT Grounding clamp Cortem
EPC EPRC AP Connection sockets Cortem
GUB CCA... Enclosures Cortem
FSQC FP Connection sockets Cortem
EXEN Lighting fixtures Cortem
GUB INTERF Control and command units or interface units Cortem
EWN Lighting fixtures Cortem
GRD-4200 Grounding system Cortem
B-0140. Ammeters - Voltmeters Cortem
SA,CTB Enclosures Cortem
RLEE-107 Floodlights Cortem
TIGER Floodlights Cortem
SLFE Floodlights Cortem
YFC Limit switch Cortem
FLFE-FLF Lighting fixtures Cortem
CS... Watertight terminals enclosures Cortem
EXES Lighting fixtures Cortem
LS Lighting fixtures Cortem
SV SW SWA Lighting fixtures Cortem
M-0530,M-0531 (EX E) Contact blocks Cortem
AVN...WP STAGNO Lighting fixtures Cortem
CCA-02E-SL Traffic lights Cortem
SA,CTB Terminal boxes Cortem
AVND Lighting fixtures Cortem
M-0603,M-0604,M-0605 (EX E) Signalling and control equipment Cortem
FHL Handheld lamp Cortem
SIRENE MCL SCL Acoustic sirens Cortem
SIRENE C... Acoustic bells Cortem
EWL Lighting fixtures Cortem
EV EW EWA SERIE 5 Lighting fixtures Cortem
EJBE EJBXE Command, control and signalling units Cortem
REV REVD Cable glands Cortem
EVL-B Floodlights Cortem
EVL Lighting fixtures Cortem
SA,CTB Enclosures Cortem
M-0 EX TB Signalling and control equipment Cortem
EVML Armature illuminanti Cortem
BMF-RMF.. 3 piece union Elfit
CP-TP-NPS-LPS-NCS Sealing bushings Elfit
ECD Breather and drain valve Elfit
EM-NP-ELF-ELM-ELMF Fittings Elfit
EYS-EZS-EYD-EZD Sealing fittings Elfit
FAL DA 2 1_2 A 4 Cable glands Elfit
FGA-FGAD-FG-FGF-FGN Cable glands Elfit
FGAB-FB-FBF-FBN Cable glands Elfit
GUAB37TE Thermometric assembly Elfit
LBH Openable elbows and straight fittings Elfit
RE-REB-REM-REN-PLG Adaptors and plugs Elfit
S.1 VUOTE Pulling boxes Elfit
SP - FLEX Flexible conduits Elfit
UNI-UNP Cable glands and plugs Elfit
NAV NEV Cable glands Elfit
EVML Armature illuminanti Cortem
SLED Floodlights Cortem
NAVB NEVB Cable glands Elfit
EVNL Armature illuminanti Cortem
LIFEX Armature illuminanti Cortem
GRDE-4200 Sistema di messa a terra Cortem
EJBC Enclosures Cortem
FLOWEX... LED lighting fixtures Cortem
LIFEX-P LED lighting fixtures Cortem
F-480_C CMD Lighting fixtures Cortem
F-468_C GRDE_GRDC-4200 Sistema elettronico di messa a terra capacitivo Cortem
F-451_C XLFE-.. Cortem
F-450_C NAV NEV Other
ESP Flexible conduit Other
EVL Floodlight Cortem
EVNL Floodlights Cortem
FASTEX Electrical connectors Other
F-447_C SLED-M SLED-ME series LED floodlights ”square shaped beam” Cortem
F-447_C SLED-M SLED-MN series LED floodlights Cortem
STREETEX STREETEX Series LED street lighting fixtures Cortem
FASTEX-M Electrical connectors Other