Agri-Food industry

The processing of the agri-food industry often involves the need for treatments in sterile environments and the movement of materials stored in the silos with consequent emission of dust into the environment that lead to classify these areas as potentially explosive and therefore related to ATEX regulations. 

In particular, explosive dusts may form during the transport and storage of cereals; if these dusts are sucked and separated by filters, an explosive atmosphere (ATEX) can form in the filter. 

The drying, grinding and refining of agri-food material also produces an explosion risk.

These areas require safe and robust Ex components that can withstand a wide variety of cleaning agents.

Storage depots

Cereal storage silos are deposits where food industry products (such as wheat, grain, rice or similar) are stored. All those products are made of coal, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen etc., therefore they are combustible and may cause fire and explosions. Dusts generated by the grinding of those cereals, due to their low specific weight, may remain hanging in the air for long periods originating explosive atmospheres.