Green Energy

Green Energy sector

Renewable energy sources (informally renewable energy) are energy sources obtained from renewable natural resources such as sunlight, wind, tides, waves and geothermal heat.

Renewable resources have many advantages, among which the most important is certainly the absence of polluting emissions during their use.

The renewable energy sources are:

  • solar radiation (to produce chemical energy, thermal energy and electricity)
  • the wind (source of mechanical energy and electricity)
  • biomass (combustion, in special plants for thermal generation and cogeneration of heat and electricity)
  • tides and sea currents in general
  • the storage of water at high altitude (hydroelectric energy)

The example of biogas plants

In biogas plants, for example, biodegradable organic substrates such as grass, straw, slurry, manure, biodegradable waste, residues from food production and fats are fermented. In this environment, in the absence of oxygen, starting from the organic components in fermentation, the bacteria produce biogas. 

The biogas produced is used for the production of electricity and heat.