Green Line

Green Line is the new and useful Cortem Group Ex Works delivery service in 7/10 working days. 

With Green Line, different model of 'Ex d' and 'Ex e' junction boxes can be ordered reducing the waiting time.

How? Thanks to a fast production process.

Through the new production line, Cortem Group provides the shipping of simple panels, junction boxes for terminals and, in case, lighting fixtures and electrical fittings if available in stock, in 7/10 working days Ex Works since the order receiving. 

Features of the supply by Green Line:

  • "Small supplies", up to 20-25 pieces of junction boxes per order.
  • It is provided only for standard paint (RAL 7035), for the other types it is necessary verifying the availability at the moment of quote request.
  • In order to respect the delivery times, it is not provided for any installation on mounting plate or assembly of mechanically interconnected junction boxes, the supply of drawings for approval and the installation of monitoring tools, such as plc, cards, etc., except for stock material.

'Ex e' junction boxes in aluminium and GRP

containing control devices and contacts, indicators and terminals. The internal electrical equipment are as per Cortem standard.

'Ex d' junction boxes in aluminium

  • EJB series, only aluminium, from measure 1 to 5 (no terminals) and without window. 
  • GUB series from size 0 to 04 excluding version GUB-V.
  • CCAC and CCAE series from size 0 to 4 version excluding CCA-EH.
  • All S series with GAS threads and/or NPT

containing operators and contacts, handles and indicators, terminals from 2.5 to 70 mmq and switches, ammeters/voltmeters externally mounted with CSC-H series instrument junction box and nipple, only auxiliary transformers max 50VA to 300VA-24V.

The internal electrical equipment are as per Cortem standard.

For orders or information please contact: