Oil & Gas

Oil and gas sector

The substances and materials produced and processed within the petrochemical plants pose a constant risk to the environment and the people who work there.

Oil and gas, processed in the petrochemical industry, are naturally combustible and, consequently, the risk of explosion and fire in these places is very high.

The distinction between "petrochemical processes" and "refinery processes" lies in the destination of the products obtained: the products obtained from the refining of crude oil, in fact, are intended for the production of energy (i.e. they are used as fuels), while the products of the petrochemical industry are used as materials in other downstream processes.

Oil and gas are extracted, transported, stored and refined in extremely difficult conditions.

The features of explosion-protected products

Explosion-protected products must not only be able to offer maximum reliability and high performance, but must also resist heat, cold, humidity, vibrations and shocks. Day after day, they must continue to operate with minimal maintenance requirements.

The Oil & Gas industry is divided into several segments: onshore, offshore, transport and storage, gas and LNG processing.