Cortem Group at WIN Eurasia show


Cortem Group at WIN Eurasia show in Istanbul

Cortem Group participated from 7 to 10 June at the WIN EURASIA fair, the largest manufacturing industry fair in Eurasia, held at the Istanbul Expo Center in Istanbul. It combines six major trade fairs under one roof: Metalworking Eurasia, Welding Eurasia, Surface Technology Eurasia, IAMD Eurasia (Integrated Automation, Motion and Drive), Electrotech Eurasia, and CeMAT Eurasia (Material Handling-Storage-Intralogistics). This event was born from the merging of two large fairs, "WIN Eurasia Metalworking" and "WIN Eurasia Automation". The broad spectrum of the exhibition covers topics such as sheet metal processing, metal cutting, forming technology, connection welding and cutting techniques, surface treatment, industrial automation, drive technology, energy, electricity and electronics, material flow technology, storage, packaging, and intralogistics. WIN EURASIA attracts over 3,000 exhibitors and 150,000 visitors, creating significant synergistic effects by combining two leading trade fairs under one roof.

Publication date: 2023-06-23

Topic: Green Energy | Traditional Energy | Food | Shipbuilding | Mining | Pharmaceutical Chemist | Events and fairs