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The GRDE-4200 electronic earthing system help to prevent fire and explosions in areas with hazardous levels of static electricity when trucks or trains load and unload liquids and dry materials. The GRDE-4200 is composed by ‘Ex eb/tb’ Cortem enclosure, which contain the ATEX/IECEx certified grounding control logic LCZ-4200, and by Cortem ‘Ex eb/ tb’ control and signal devices such as selectors and alert LED lights. It can be provided with one or two earthing clamps for the connection to tank trucks or other metallic parts.

  • Impact protection rating IK10


Body and cover in low copper content aluminium alloy or in black polyester resin. Stainless steel cover bolts. Internal/external earth screw complete with anti-rotation brackets. Fixing lugs. Bipolar plier, casting with aluminium with handles in neoprene, jaws with steel tips, auto-releasing. Yellow spiral cable.

Also available in Spanish
Also available in Spanish

Type Description Marking Company Certificate
Atex Grounding system
  • Ex II 2GD Ex db eb mb [ia Ga] IIC T6/T5 Gb
  • Ex tb [ia Da] IIIC T85°C Db
CML 20 ATEX 3235X
IEC Ex Grounding system
  • Ex db eb mb [ia Ga] IIC T6/T5 Gb
  • Ex tb [ia Da] IIIC T85°C Db
IECEx CML 20.0144X