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Friday, December 1, 2017
In chemical, petrochemical, oil plants and, generally, in all types of industrial facilities which present a danger of explosion due to the presence of gas in the form of cloud or flammable dust, there are also harsh chemical substances that can be harmful and source of deterioration of electric and non-electric equipment.
Many different materials are used for producing enclosures, equipment, fittings and components designed for areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere.
The aluminum alloy is today one of the most widely used worldwide materials for the construction of a ex-proof enclosure. Its excellent corrosion resistance characteristics, make this material universally recognized as the most versatile and it applies for the majority of applications.
Cortem Group constantly carries out tests on the materials used and in-depth studies on their resistance to external environments, in order to make some weigh up choices based on objective experience and thus ensuring the Customer safety of its products over the years.
In this technical article we’ll analize the aluminum alloys used by Cortem Group and the compatibility/incompatibility of some chemicals with ferrous, non-ferrous materials, plastics and borosilicate glass used in industrial plants with risk of explosion.