A IECEx App to identify the certificated equipment

IECEx, the IEC system for the certification of equipment that can be used in environments with a potentially explosive atmosphere...

IECEx, the IEC system for the certification of equipment that can be used in environments with a potentially explosive atmosphere, has launched the first mobile application to show international certification for equipment used in explosive atmospheres. It’s available for Apple and Android devices for free and can be downloaded from Apple Store e Google Play.

This App gives access to the IECEx Certificate System covering Certified Ex Equipment, which has thousands of international IECEx Certificates of Conformity. This allows people in the field to immediately cross check between Ex equipment and their certificates. There is an online and offline feature for those in remote locations where access to the Internet is not always available.

This App will let them verify the authenticity of Ex products labeled with an IECEx certificate number or validate claims made by vendors that their products are IECEx certified. The search criteria include the number of the certificate, the certification body and the equipment type of protection. The IECEx App provides real time information, has a searchable database of IECEx certificates and data is synchronized with the IECEx website.

Chris Agius, IECEx Executive Secretary, said that "The application is a powerful tool that can be used in the field, sitting at a desk or in a meeting. It provides users with the ability to ensure that the products are actually in line with security requirements”.

IECEx will launch in the coming months an application for Windows Mobile 8 in order to support the users of these mobile devices.

Cortem Group, according to its policy of products safety, certifies its products also according to the IEC Ex Scheme. You can verify Cortem IECEx certificates on our site www.cortemgroup.com, directly on IECEx web site or on the new App.

About IEC

The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is a worldwide organization that prepares and publishes international standards for all electrical and electronic equipment and manages the system of assessment of conformity certifying that the equipment and components comply with these rules.

The IEC brings together 163 countries and about 13,000 experts who work together in international working groups to ensure that the products are safe. Within the IEC, the IECEx is the certification system for the use of electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Date de publication: 01/03/2013

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