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Innovated and expanded the family of EVNL series lighting fixtures for zone 2, 21 and 22

Monday, 24 May 2021
Cortem Group's approach to innovation has led to the renewal and expansion of the EVNL series of LED lighting fixtures, now available with new, updated and enhanced models. 
Here are the news:
  • New Multi-LED board
  • Transparent part in glass or polycarbonate
  • Ambient temperature range extended to -60° C + 60° C for models with transparent glass part. For models with polycarbonate the minimum ambient temperature is -40° C.
  • New powers available from 30W up to 220W
  • Different lumen outputs ranging from a minimum of 3,180lm to a maximum of 25,500lm.
  • Maximum overall efficiency 135 lm/W
The limited breathing protection method 'Ex nR' (Zone 2) and 'Ex tb' (Zone 21, 22) remains unchanged.

Phase-out of explosion-proof lighting fixtures of EVFD, EVFD-L, FLF and FLF-L (Ex d), FLFE and FLFE-L (Ex de) series

Monday, 26 April 2021
Available while stocks last and no later thanthe end of September 2021 the linear lighting fixtures for fluorescent tubes, for LED tubes with emergency operation and for LED strips
Cortem Group continues the program of rationalization of the product catalog and from April phase-out the linear explosion-proof lighting fixtures for fluorescent tubes, for LED tubes with emergency operation and for LED strips of the EVFD, EVFD-L, FLF and FLF… L (Ex d), FLFE and FLFE… L (Ex de) series have now become inefficient both as a production technology and as a light source.
The lighting fixtures of the FLF… L (Ex d) and FLFE… L (Ex de) series with LED tubes for normal operation will continue to be available (no emergency operation).
Below is the list of codes that will still remain in the catalog:


All the phase-out products can be replaced by the new LifEx series, the new native linear LED lighting fixtures. The choice therefore goes in favor of more efficient and technologically advanced products, with higher energy savings and recyclability of materials, therefore, with better environmental sustainability.

GUB series phase-out

Wednesday, 31 March 2021
With a view of production optimization and rationalization of the product catalog, we inform you that the junction boxes of the GUB series are in phase-out from April 2021.
The GUB series junction boxes can be replaced by the CCA series enclosures, equivalent from the explosion protection perspective (gas group IIC) and with the same performance in terms of ambient temperature, temperature classes, markings, etc ...
From the constructive and dimensional point of view also, most of the GUB series enclosures find an equivalent in the CCA series. For dimensions not included in the CCA series, it is possible to opt for the new enclosures of the EJBC series (Gas group IIC).
Visual and dimensional comparison of the GUB series and the CCA series
Most of the models of the GUB series and of the CCA series are also equivalent in terms of the number of terminals that can be installed, while the greater versatility of the CCA series enclosures allow to satisfy the different wiring needs within a system, thanks to a number of entries higher than those allowed on the GUB series enclosures. 
The reduction of catalog codes will allow customers to choose, easily and quickly, the product that best meets their needs and Cortem to offer technologically advanced products more quickly, improving customer service.
The GUB series junction boxes will be available while stocks last and no later than June 2021.

New EJBC series explosion-proof enclosures for gas group IIC

Friday, 26 February 2021
The new enclosures of the EJBC series are characterised by a multi-step joint that allows the installation in areas with danger of explosion and/or fire due to the presence of all the Gases of Group IIA - IIB - IIC classified as Zone 1, 2, 21, 22.
This is the element that distinguishes the new EJBC series enclosures from the historic EJB series enclosures characterized instead by a flat flanged joint and suitable for the IIB + H2 gas group.
The multi-step joint has been designed with an angle that guarantees not only the precise coupling between body and cover, but also an easy opening/closing of the enclosure in case of maintenance, thanks to the high quality and precision of the mechanical processing.
  • Group IIC: Acetylene (C2H2), Carbon disulphide, Hydrogen (H2)
  • IP66/67
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Available with round or square window for viewing analog or digital instruments

New Aircraft Warning Lights Low Intensity XLFE-LIB series

Friday, 22 January 2021

Phase-out of the XLFE-4/1 series in red colour


Cortem Group completes the range of aircraft warning lights with the Low Intensity XLFE-LIB series which will gradually replace the XLFE-4/1 series.

Let's see the distinctive elements:

  • Type B low intensity warning lights are intended for constructions with low extension and height above ground less than 45 meters
  • red color with light intensity greater than 32 candles
  • night operation
  • compliant with ICAO Annex 14 standard for low intensity warning lights type B (corresponding to FAA type L-810)
  • compliant with EN/IEC 60079-28 for the "op is" protection mode
  • n° 4 LEDs installed on the electronic plate with single circuithigh resistance to vibrations (longer life in particularly heavy duty)
  • estimated life of 100,000 hours (12 hours a day for 20 years)
  • internal reflector in anticorodal chromed aluminum alloy

The XLFE-LIB can also be supplied to meet the requirements of low intensity type A overhead obstacle warning lamps, as it meets the photometric and light intensity requirements, and for industrial signaling with flashing operation and different light colours on request.

Look at the catalogue of XLFE-LIB series 


New stanchion mounting bracket with fixed orientation at 25° for EVL series lighting fixtures

Tuesday, 1 December 2020
To meet the various installation needs, Cortem Group has designed a new threaded pole stanchion mounting bracket for the EVL series LED lighting fixtures that allows direct mounting and fixed product orientation up to 25°.
This mounting bracket becomes of particular importance in all those cases in which it is necessary to carry out a “relamping” of the existing systems: replace the old EV-EW series lighting fixtures equipped with old incandescent/discharge technology with those of new LED technology.
The cables entry is directly into the terminal block suitable for loop in-loop out.
EVL series fixtures are supplied with the new threaded pole mounting bracket using the order code with suffix IX (for example, EVL-060 ... IX).

Cortem Group new NAVB, NEVB series Barrier cable glands

Monday, 25 May 2020
Cortem Group expands the cable glands family and presents the new barrier version for armoured cables NEVB series and for non-armoured cables NAVB series which feature:
  • ‘Ex db’, ‘Ex eb’, ‘Ex tb’ and ‘Ex nR’ methods of protection
  • Silicone sealing ring
  • Wide service temperature range: -60°C+130°C
  • Suitable for different types of cables including lead sheathed, flat, instrumentation and fibre optic cables
  • Female or male entry
  • NAVGB model with double sealing ring
  • IP66/67 protection rating
  • Laser marking
  • EMC tested (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Available in nickel-plated brass, stainless steel and galvanized steel
The barrier is shaped around the conductors thanks to the particular mixture that flows through them in the special bushing ensuring a complete seal. The liquid resin used prevents the formation of air pockets or voids between the conductors and the bushing. They are supplied with a bi-component resin kit. 
Barrier Cable Glands Cortem Group NAVB, NEVB series for non-armoured and armoured cables

Mounting instructions NAVB series barrier cable glands for non-armoured cables


The EVL series lighting fixtures innovated and enhanced

Monday, 25 May 2020
The EVL series of LED lighting fixtures, launched by Cortem Group in 2015 and available in four sizes, has been innovated and enhanced to offer an even safer and more performing product.
Here below the new features: 
  • New "Ex op is" certificate (optical safety)
  • New multi-LED plate 
  • New range of the ambient temperature to -40°C + 60°C and temperature classes colder (T5) with gas group IIB+H2 and IIC
  • New supply voltages range from 12 to 277 V
  • New powers available start from 20W up to 220W, with steps of 10W and 20W
  • Different lumen outputs ranging from a minimum of 1,700lm to a maximum of 21,000lm
  • Transportable version with electronic driver, to be used mainly in inspection and maintenance activities on industrial plants and tanks, and a model specifically designed for a rapid and a timely replacement of the old generation discharge lighting fixtures installed directly on a pole (EVLT).


EVML LED Series: new models for low voltages, new portable model and improved photometric performance

Monday, 4 November 2019
The EVML series LED lighting fixtures has been innovated and improved to offer an even safer and more performing product.
The main new features are:
  1. better photometric performance for the standard 220-240 Vac and 110 Vac models reaching 1,282 lm and 720 lm;
  2. new models for low supply voltages have been introduced to satisfy all possible application requirements: 12Vac/dc, 24 Vdc and 24 Vac, 48 Vdc and 48 Vac;
  3. a new EVML-50P portable model is available, powered with a cable designed specifically for inspection and maintenance activities.

New SLED-401, 601 and 1000 series LED floodlights: the evolution of the Cortem Group SLED family featuring a greater Lumen Output

Monday, 30 September 2019
Three years after the market launch of the SLED floodlights family, Cortem Group has designed three new models featuring a diffused light beam and a greater Lumen Output: the SLED-401 (18.490 lumens), the SLED-601 (32.092 lumens) and the SLED-1000 (46.145 lumens).
The three new models complete the family together with the SLED-250, 400 and 600 models characterised by LEDs with a "square shaped beam" reflector that allows concentrated light distribution and perfectly uniform lighting in every direction...

NEW CORALUM TREATMENT: anti-oxidation protection for aluminum alloy products installed in aggressive environments

Wednesday, 3 July 2019
CORALUM is a surface protection treatment based on an electroceramic coating applied by electrolytic deposition method directly on the aluminium alloy.
With the simple and effective application of the CORALUM treatment, the antioxidation characteristics of the aluminum alloy increase by 100%, confirming the equivalence, in terms of classification on corrodibility, according to the C5 - UNI EN ISO 12944:2018 standard typical of steels.
Above CORALUM is then applied the Cortem’s thermosetting powder coating based on crosslinked polyester resins RAL 7035 gray special, pigmented with stainless steel powders to give a greater resistance to impact and an orange peel finish. 

New SafeFly Light System, light-signalling in case of high obstacles

Thursday, 2 May 2019
CORTEM GROUP presents SAFEFLY LIGHT SYSTEM, a versatile and innovative high obstacle light up system powered and controlled by a control panel installed at the base of the plant.
The system consists of the new series of low-intensity XLFE-4/1 (>32 candela) series and the medium-intensity XLFE-MIB (> 2.000 candela) series obstacle signalling lighting fixtures characterized by excellent lighting and mechanical properties designed for areas with an explosive atmosphere and for installation in industrial plants.
If necessary, the SAFEFLY LIGHT SYSTEM automatically switches on the spare warning lights and indicates the problem on the control panel. It also synchronizes two or more signal units via CABLE or GPS signal.
The light switch can be activated either manually or automatically, or via a twilight sensor.

New accessory for pole mounting for EVL series lighting fixtures

Monday, 1 April 2019
To meet different installation requirements, Cortem Group has designed a new accessory for the EVL series LED lighting fixtures that allows the direct pole mounting.
This accessory is of particular interest in all those cases of "re-lamping" of the existing systems: replacement of the old EV-EW series lighting fixtures equipped with old incandescent/discharge technology with those of the new LED technology.
This accessory, coded B-498 (for EVL-60 and 70) and B-499 (for EVL-80 and 100) can be sold either individually (upgrade of lighting fixture already purchased), or already integrated on the EVLT series lighting fixture.

EVE-L series LED lighting fixtures back into production

Friday, 8 March 2019
Cortem Group puts the lighting fixtures EVE-L series back into production to meet the needs of all those customers who require a more distributed and less concentrated lighting, very similar to the old incandescent bulb. 
The EVE-L series is characterised, in fact, by a type of diffused light with a light beam well above 120° emitted by high power LEDs. The main features are: 
  • N° 3 LED for EVE-5050L, n° 7 LED for EVE-5060L and EVE-5060L1.
  • Nominal voltage 230 Vac/dc, 110/230 Vac/dc only for EVE-5050L. On request available 24 Vac/ dc. 
  • Nominal frequency 50/60 Hz. 
  • Aluminum alloy body with low copper content. 
  • Globe in borosilicate glass. 
  • Stainless steel screws. 
  • RAL 7035 epoxy paint

New hand-held lighting fixtures EWL-80SB series

Wednesday, 30 January 2019
The new EWL-80SB series hand-held lighting fixtures are developed from the standard production of the EWL series lighting fixtures, of which they retain the lighting characteristics, appropriately modified in hand-held version to be used in construction sites or for local plant maintenance or temporary illumination of process zones in an environment with a hazardous atmosphere.
The main features are:
  • 12, 24 or 48V direct current power supply;
  • installation by means of a wall bracket or freestanding support equipped with a power cable already wired and sealed;
  • SPY series plug mounted on the cable that will be supplied with the PY series socket (separate packaging), so that the customer can decide which configuration to choose based on the system needs.


New "Ex tb" control panels suitable for ambient with explosive or flammable dusts

Tuesday, 18 December 2018
  • 'Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db' IP66 method of protection
  • made in aluminium, polyester, or stainless steel 
  • various sizes available
  • there are three maximum dissipation limits that correspond to each of the three maximum optional ambient temperatures: + 40° C, + 55° C and + 60° C.
  • several IECEx/ATEX certified 'Ex tb' control devices can be mounted on the enclosure faces
  • a glass or polycarbonate window can be fixed to the lid
  • various electronic devices can be installed internally such as terminals, analog and digital instruments, control and measurement devices, circuit breakers and IECEx/ATEX certified battery packs.

Download Ex tb Control Panels catalogue

New EXENC and EXENC-L series lighting fixtures in GRP for Zone 2-21-22 with fluorescent and LED tubes

Monday, 8 October 2018
New EXENC and EXENC-L series lighting fixtures in GRP for Zone 2-21-22 with fluorescent and LED tubes
EXENC series lighting fixtures for fluorescent tubes and EXENC-L series for LED tubes can be installed in hazardous industrial plant units designated as Zone 2 and Zone 21-22. A careful research of the materials and the choice of the most performing electrical components give to EXENC and EXENC-L, in addition to a considerable duration, greater safety in all environments where a high protection against corrosion, dust, water and humidity is required.
They are characterized by:
  • Sliding closure/opening system with multi-point connection and supplied key 
  • Degree of protection IP66
  • Standard ceiling installation brackets included (type U)
  • LED technology available (Cortem production Led tubes) with 'Ex Op Is' certification



New XLFE series low and medium intensity LED aircraft warning lighting fixtures

Tuesday, 28 August 2018
XLFE series low and medium intensity lighting fixtures are suitable to be installed on towers or high buildings as obstacle signaling devices thanks to the high power and luminous efficiency light source developed by Cortem Group making full use of the experience gained in the world of LED lighting in the recent years. 
XLFE-4.../1 series lighting fixture, red in color with a luminous intensity of more than 32 candles, complies with the ICAO Annex 14 standard for low intensity aviation warning lamps type A and type B (corresponding to the FAA L-810). 
XLFE-MIB series lighting fixture, red in color too, features a lighting intensity of more than 2.000 candles and a flashing operation at 20 fpm. The particular design avoids any type of optical error typical of the glass globes. 

New EVFD-L series lighting fixtures for LED tubes

Wednesday, 1 August 2018
As their high mechanical resistance, EVFD-L LED lighting fixtures are recommended for use in all those hazardous areas where the atmosphere is constantly contaminated with fumes, gases and dusts. These units have been designed to provide the even distribution of light without taking up the limited vertical space available.
The specially curved re ector and the transparency of the tempered glass tube combine to allow light to diffuse over a wide range and provide more pleasant, less tiring working conditions.
Simply cleaning the glass tube ensures constant excellent illumination over time.
  • 'Ex db op is IIB - Ex tb op is IIIC' method of protection 
  • Cortem LED tubes
  • It can be used in an environment containing explosive atmosphere and with the presence of hydrogen
  • 4.575 lumen, version with one tube, 9.150 lumen version with two tubes


New NAV, NEV series cable glands for armoured and non-armoured cables

Thursday, 28 June 2018
Cortem Group presents NAV and NEV, the new generation of cable glands for armoured and non-armoured cables.
Characterized by an ergonomic design and constructed of materials of the highest quality, the NAV and NEV cable glands series can be used with the main electric cables available on the market and in total compliance with all relevant international standards.
  • ‘Ex db’, ‘Ex eb’, ‘Ex tb’ and ‘Ex nR’ methods of protection
  • Silicone sealing ring
  • Wide service temperature range: -60°C+130°C
  • Suitable for different types of cables including lead sheathed, flat, instrumentation and fiber optic cables
  • Female or male entry
  • IP68 protection rating: tested at 30m depth for 12h
  • Laser marking
  • EMC tested (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Available in nickel-plated brass, stainless steel and galvanized steel